Thursday, 16 February 2017

Forestry Bargaining update

Forestry Bargaining update – 16 February 2017 (PDF Version)

On Wednesday 8 February, the combined unions met with Forestry management and its hired consultant to continue Enterprise Bargaining.

At the outset, management has agreed to the following items sought by the PSA (CPSU):

  • a three-year Enterprise Agreement term
  • no requirement for one month’s notice for annual leave
  • amendments so time in lieu can be taken in a minimum of one-hour units.

Management has refused:

  • improved 10 days domestic violence leave (currently five days in the EA).
  • to include redundancy rates contained in the Forestry Corporation Managing Excess Employees Policy in the Enterprise Agreement.

The PSA (CPSU) will continue to push for:

  • a 2.5 per cent wage increase for every year of the Agreement
  • an increased on-call flat rate for firefighting so no employees are worse off
  • retaining and/or reforming the Joint Consultative Committee which management seeks to abolish
  • the choice to elect to work 38 hours per week
  • greater flexible working hours requirements
  • a requirement for consultation for minor changes including changes to position descriptions, team structures and external dependencies.

We continue to oppose:

  • removal of Level 6s from the Enterprise Agreement, offering them common law contracts which will differ from person to person and be costly and difficult to enforce
  • management’s proposals to change classifications from ‘office’ and ‘field’ based-staff to ‘salary’ and ‘wage’ earning staff
  • removal of additional leave for Western Division, remote area allowance, first aid allowance and laundry allowance
  • bargaining to begin less than six months prior to the EA.

The CPSU will continue to oppose management’s attempts to weaken your working conditions and will consider taking action in the Fair Work Commission if necessary.

If you have any further question or comment for your bargaining team, please email us.

Your union will keep you informed as bargaining progresses.

Feel free to contact your PSA (CPSU) bargaining team:

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