Wednesday, 1 February 2017

TAFE Part year employees campaign

TAFE Part year employees campaign – February 2017 (PDF version)


Since August 2016 the PSA (CPSU) has repeatedly attempted to consult with TAFE NSW on the issue of Temporary Part Year (TPY) employees being appointed to permanent positions.

While the PSA (CPSU) believes all TPY employees should be employed on a permanent basis, it acknowledges there are some exceptional circumstances which would allow a handful of positions to remain temporary.

The PSA (CPSU) believes the appointment of the majority of TPY employees should be addressed as a priority during the initial stages of implementing the new TAFE Enterprise Agreement. There are around 480 TPY employees and the union wants to claim permanency for as many of these as possible.

Your union sought to work with TAFE NSW in good faith to review each of the TPY employees: where they work, the nature of their work and how long they’ve been temporary. This would have identified who should be appointed permanently and if there are any positions that are genuinely temporary. These attempts however have largely been sidelined by TAFE.

As a result, the PSA (CPSU) is gathering material for a joint case for more than 400 members that may be heard in the Commission. The first step is collecting the details of each member, and lodging the claim with the employer.

In the meantime, your union needs your help to ensure this campaign is successful.

All TPY employees need to JOIN the PSA (CPSU) to be part of this collective action.

As a special offer for this campaign, the PSA (CPSU) has introduced a special membership rate for TPYE at TAFE NSW for new members.

For every week that you don’t work and don’t get paid, your union membership fees will be waived by the PSA (CPSU). This only applies for new members who join through payroll deduction. And remember, your union fees are tax deductible.

If you are a Part Year Employee, especially Temporary Part Year, please contact Steve Caslick on or 0428 410 711.

All PSA (CPSU) members can help with this campaign!

Do you know any Part Year employees on your campus?

We are seeking volunteers from our membership to assist with this important initiative. The more TPY employees who join our collective action, the greater the possible outcome for more of your colleagues.

Members who volunteer will be given information packs and briefings around the campaign, and be asked to contact any local TPY employee to ask them to join our collective action with a view to them being appointed to permanent positions.

WE NEED YOU! If you are able to help please contact Steve Caslick PSA (CPSU) Organiser with your name, contact details and workplace on or 0428 410 711.