PSA News – 11 January 2017

Hot work may mean stop work

You have had a couple of uncomfortably hot days and more are expected.

What can you do about it? What are your rights?

Read the PSA’s comprehensive policy HERE.

Land and Property Information – Concerned Titles Group

Pressure from the PSA and our serious concerns about the privatisation of the Land Titles Registry has forced Mike Baird to try and justify the sell off.

His arguments were anything but convincing.

Now the Concerned Titles Group (CTG) has created its own Facebook Page to fight the privatisation and save the integrity of the NSW Torrens Title system.

Please show your support and ‘like’ and share its Facebook page, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

PSA Rewards Program for recruiting new members to cease on 31 January 2017

The PSA Rewards Program that offered a $75 giftcard to any member who signed up a colleague on-line will cease operation on and from 31 January 2017.

In March 2016, Central Council endorsed the program for a four month trial period and it was subsequently launched at Annual Conference in May.

The scheme however was ill conceived and part of a failed effort by the previous leadership to increase the PSA’s membership.

At its meeting in December 2016, Central Council resolved to discontinue the scheme.