TAFE NSW member bulletin and FAQ

TAFE NSW member bulletin and FAQ – December 2016 (PDF version)

Live chat

Your union held a TAFE Live Chat for members on 29 November. The event was a success, with many participants logging on and asking questions. Unfortunately, the large volume of traffic meant the live chat login was not accessible for some members. We do apologise for this and will be looking into increasing the volume of traffic that can participate in future events.

Below is a snapshot of the major themes and a link to a comprehensive FAQ on overtime and Flexitime which was one of the major themes of the Live Chat.

Main themes

A majority of questions centred on the implementation of the agreement and the impending One TAFE restructure.

Contemporary Classification Structure (CCS)

TAFE employees will transition over to the new CCS on 13 January 2016. Members should note:

  • if you transition over to a lower level of pay in the CCS you will not lose out because the PSA (CPSU) fought for and won salary maintenance, meaning your current pay rate is protected
  • once the CCS is implemented you have 3 months to request a review of your transition. This is under Schedule E – Transitional Provisions 2.5 in the agreement.

Overtime and Flexitime

Members noted they had already been told they couldn’t access flex time and that overtime was only payable if you work more than 10 hours in a day or more than 35 hours in a week. Members should note:

  • the new FWHA agreement does not start until next year
  • you cannot lose accrued work time; it must be taken with a maximum of 21 hour carried forward
  • you cannot unilaterally or arbitrarily be put on standard hours
  • you can be paid overtime after working seven hours in a day If you are directed to work the hours and your normal working pattern is 5×7 hour days.

You can access a FAQ on Flexitime and overtime HERE.

ONE TAFE, temporary employment and filling of positions

Members also had a number of questions on:

  • how positions will be filled during the restructure, for both permanent and temps
  • if staff acting in HD for an extended period (six years, for example) can they be directly appointed to that role?
  • when the ONE TAFE restructure will commence.

To find out the latest on the first of the One TAFE Restructures click HERE.

Based on members’ feedback for the Finance Restructure, in terms of filling of positions, the PSA will be advocating for members who have filled positions through merit selection in a Higher Duties capacities for a number of years get an opportunity to be placed in that role in the first instance. This is due to the very high number of members affected and their feedback to the CPSU (PSA). TAFE is including long-term temporary employees in the direct placement with permanent employees. The union has not agreed to this with our position that for each restructure we will advocate for what members want.

What can you do?

  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues
  • Print out this bulletin and put it up on your notice board
  • Ask a colleague to join the PSA
  • Get involved, be a contact at your TAFE campus
  • Be part of the next Live Chat.

Update your details

If you have moved, have a new work email, work phone, or work location, please update your membership details HERE.

You can JOIN the PSA online at www.psa.asn.au.