We won’t wait – Domestic Violence is a workplace issue

We Won’t Wait – Domestic Violence is a Workplace Issue (PDF version)

Domestic Violence is a workplace issue – so it is union business

The PSA, along with unions across Australia, is campaigning for all workers to have access to 10 days’ paid domestic violence leave (in addition to any other paid leave entitlements). The leave could be used to attend medical appointments and court hearings, or to find somewhere safe to live or a new school for children, without the person losing their job.

We are calling on all Governments to work together at the upcoming Council of Australian Government (COAG) to pass a resolution for 10 days’ paid domestic and family violence leave to become a universal right for all workers in Australia. Read the Unions NSW Factsheet HERE explaining the campaign and why domestic violence is a union issue.

What will the PSA be doing

On 6 December, the PSA will be writing to the NSW Premier seeking that he supports the resolution at the December COAG meeting for there to be 10 paid days’ universal domestic and family violence leave. In addition to committing to increase paid domestic and family violence leave provisions from five days to 10 days, and other improvements, for NSW public servants.

Our claim to improve domestic and family violence leave (DFV) provisions

The PSA is seeking the following improvements for our members:

  • An increase of paid DFV leave from five days to ten days.
  • That DFV leave be paid up front, rather than having to take other forms of leave first. A staff member will still be able to take FACS, sick leave, and sick leave to care for a family member as well as recreation and extended leave, and leave without pay.
  • An additional two days’ paid leave if the 10 days are exhausted.
  • That a support person be allowed access to paid DFV leave.
  • That an agency nominates a trained contact person to provide support to a staff member experiencing DFV.
  • That public servants experiencing DFV be offered EAPS by providers who are trained in DFV, and a DFV resource pack.
  • That a workplace safety plan be implemented to minimise risk of violence to all employees.

What can you do on December 6

You can demonstrate your support for this very important campaign by:

  1. Holding a workplace meeting/morning tea to talk about the issue of domestic violence and the importance of paid leave.
  2. Wearing a purple armband or clothing or something purple such as a ribbon, tie, shirt etc. The PSA will have a limited supply of purple “We Won’t wait” armbands. To order yours please email .
  3. Showing your support by changing your Facebook profile on 6 December to this graphic.
  4. Take photos of you and your workmates holding the We Won’t Wait poster.
    Please tweet to #WeWontWaitDV, share on the PSA’s Facebook page and email to .
  5. The Women’s Council will change the PSA logo to purple for the day. Please use this logo in the photos to show your support.
  6. Let the Premier know why this is an important issue for you by sending tweets to #mikebaird and messages on Mike Baird’s Facebook page.