NSW Aboriginal Land Council Enterprise Bargaining Update

NSW Aboriginal Land Council Enterprise Bargaining Update August 2016 (PDF version) 

Bargaining for your new Enterprise Agreement is well underway. Since March, your PSA/CPSU Bargaining Team has met with Management six times. The Management and staff representatives on the Bargaining Committee reached in-principle agreement on the complete package of proposed changes on 2 August.

The list of agreed changes was presented to the NSWALC Executive on 19 August.  For the most part, their response was positive. However, they did not approve all of the changes recommended by the Committee, and there are still some outstanding issues.

You can find a copy of the PSA/CPSU Log of Claims HERE.

Although negotiations are still ongoing, we can report we have so far secured the following wins:

  •  No increase to core time
  •  Adjustable bandwidth provisions will now be available to all staff, not just those in the zone offices
  • Better dispute resolution procedures (right to request independent investigation, written response of outcome, ability to escalate to someone other than immediate manager if needs be)
  • Travel provisions will remain in the EA (not policy), and we have secured a fair process for the move from travel allowances to actuals to ensure no staff are left out of pocket
  • For the first time, NSWALC staff will have access to paid domestic violence leave
  •  For the first time, NSWALC staff will have access to paid parental leave entitlements for foster carers
  •  Non-primary caregivers will now have access to two paid weeks of other parent leave
  •  NSWALC will pay superannuation during periods of paid parental leave
  • Access to two days of compassionate leave for each instance of death or serious illness of a family member
  • Purchase leave provisions to remain unchanged.

The Executive has asked for more time to consider our request for the following additional improvements to your current conditions:

  • A vastly superior consultation clause with a clearly defined process, and a commitment to genuine consultation
  • Clear guidelines for the restricted use of temporary employment, and a process for conversion of temporary staff to ongoing/permanent
  • Access to long service leave pro-rata after seven years.

What about the pay rise?

PSA/CPSU and the other staff representatives agreed to put forward a pay claim of 3.75% percent for the first year, and 3.25 percent for each of the remaining three years of the new EA.

The response from the executive is that they would only consider a pay rise if it was tied to performance.

Management has advised us this refers to the financial performance and outputs of NSWALC as a whole, rather than performance of individual staff members.

The PSA/CPSU has made it clear it is opposed to any moves to link pay to performance. In particular, we have grave concerns about:

  • How performance will be measured
  • What milestones would need to be met, and when
  • Staff being adversely affected by operational decisions beyond their control.

What happens next?

Your PSA/CPSU bargaining team will be meeting with management to continue negotiations on 13 September.

We are hoping to hold a members meeting beforehand. Please look out for another email with details shortly.

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