TAFE NSW Your Enterprise Agreement approved

TAFE NSW your Enterprise Agreement approved – August 2016 (PDF version)

The Fair Work Commission approved the Enterprise Agreement late on Monday 8 August 2016. This means the Agreement will come into force and will operate from 15 August. It also means the 2016 pay rise of 2.5 percent will now be passed on, and backdated to 1 July.

TAFE NSW should update all members shortly on when exactly the back-pay will be provided.

There are many key changes in this three-year Agreement. The PSA has been rolling out “learn your Agreement” sessions for members to gain a better understanding about what changes are in place. The most significant change will occur in six months’ time, when most employees will move to the single classification structure.

The move to a single classification system is never an easy task. Members have appeal rights that must be used in the first nine months if you don’t agree your position translates to the proposed TAFE Level.

The single best improvement for members in the new classification system is improved job design. As TAFE faces more and more cuts to courses and teaching hours, jobs can be redesigned more broadly to allow more full-time and full-year positions.

Another key improvement is the move to 35- hour week for all employees, with no loss of weekly income and no loss to Rostered Days Off. This is an excellent outcome, where TAFE NSW is ahead of the NSW Public Service, and ahead of most Australian universities.

For full details about your new Agreement, please keep an eye out for future updates, and for local lunchtime meetings to go through your new Agreement in detail. More updates will be coming out over the next few weeks about specific aspects of the new Agreement in more detail.

You can find the approved Agreement HERE.

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