Universities Admission Centre enterprise bargaining update

Universities Admission Centre enterprise bargaining update – July 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA (CPSU) bargaining team met with the company negotiators on 12 July 2016 to progress negotiations for your next enterprise agreement.

The PSA (CPSU) and Management Bargaining Committee discussed the respective claims, with the company tabling their claims five minutes before the meeting.

The claim for a pay rise of 3 percent a year for three years was rejected by the company with no counter offer provided.

An offer will be made at a later meeting.

UAC table four claims, to:

  • Improve their ability to ‘manage’ excessive annual leave
  • Reduce liability for long service leave by removing the recognition of prior service from other institutions
  • Remove the Financial Institution Payments to staff of $25 per year
  • Standardise and clarify the evidence requirements for sick leave, carer’s leave and FACS leave.

The claim around excessive annual leave was questioned by the PSA (CPSU). However the company indicated they would provide more details and a draft clause at a future meeting.

The PSA (CPSU) questioned whether the long service leave claim would apply to current employees.

The company indicated that current employee’s recognition of service would be maintained and the changes would only affect future employees.

Your Bargaining Team will let members know when any meeting is scheduled and the outcomes of each meeting as negotiations progress. Throughout these negotiations, members can provide feedback to the bargaining team by emailing and/or your local delegates.

Please ask your colleagues to join the PSA (CPSU). The more members, the stronger your Bargaining Team and the greater the outcomes that can be achieved.