Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE Consultative Committee Meeting

Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE Consultative Committee meeting – June 2016 (PDF version)

The Institute’s Consultative Committee meeting on 29 March 2016 was attended by PSA Delegate Patrick Kiss and PSA Industrial Advocate Phoebe Dangerfield.

Following are issues relevant to PSA/CPSU members which were raised at the meeting.

  • The Horticulture restructure is in progress and will be finished by 30 June, while all other restructures not yet implemented are currently on hold.
  • It was announced there will be an update to EBS in May (Phase 2 release); the Institute is introducing Train the Trainer sessions for support staff. Data entry for courses is expected to be done by Course Information Coordinators (CICs). This is to ensure accuracy and consistency of detail within NSI course information.
  • NSI will be upgrading kitchens so Asian cookery can be taught from Ryde, to further enhance Ryde as a Centre of Excellence for delivery of Hospitality courses.
  • There has been a 46 percent reduction in Work Health and Safety incidents in the past year; however, we understand HSRs have not yet been recruited and there is still confusion about their roles. Staff also do not understand they are legally required to report and refer details in the event of an incident. Management was asked to provide further briefing for staff in this regard. Please remember that if you see an incident or have an accident, you must report it.
  • Regarding the Carpentry and Joinery relocation from Hornsby, management reported that while discussions have been had with staff, no decision has been reached on a new site so operations will remain the same until further notice.

Your union tabled a number of items for the next meeting which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 29 June, 2016. These items include:

  • the general use of temporary/agency staff
  • lockdown procedures
  • the use of one-month temporary contracts
  • the suggestion Toolstores positions can be reclassified as GAs without requiring a change proposal
  • funding source for CIC 3/4 Positions
  • the use of surveillance cameras.

If you wish to raise any items for the forthcoming or future ICC agendas, please contact your PSA Delegate, Patrick Kiss on

In the meantime the most important thing you can do is to ensure that everyone in your workplace has a voice – joining your union is the only way to have your voice heard in the continuing consultations with management.

If you are already a member, increase the strength of the union by talking to your colleagues and your delegate, we all need to join in the conversation.