Aboriginal Land Council Enterprise Bargaining Update

Aboriginal Land Council Enterprise Bargaining Update – May 2016 (PDF version)

After some delays, your PSA (CPSU) Bargaining Team met with Management for the first time on 16 May to begin negotiations for your new Enterprise Agreement.

We provided Management with a copy of our final Log of Claims. They have committed to considering the changes we have requested, but warned the NSWALC spending rule and budget will have an impact on the final outcome.

Management and the other Bargaining groups also shared some suggested changes of their own, including:

  • access to pro-rata Long Service Leave after seven years
  • the ability to bank more flex hours
  • being able to donate your own sick leave to other staff members who have run out
  • adjustable bandwidth of working hours for all staff (not just zone staff)
  • access to an extra one day of leave per year to volunteer in Aboriginal organisations
  • increasing the amount of leave that you can purchase
  • a new Incentive Leave scheme – bonus leave for staff who score highly on their performance review
  • increase paid Other Parent Leave to two weeks.

Your PSA (CPSU) Bargaining Team:

Diane Lee (Delegate)

Jen Mitchell (PSA Industrial Advocate)
1300 772 679 or

Marianne Ledic (PSA Organiser)
1300 772 679 or

Tell us what you think – do you agree with some of the changes suggested by Management and the other Bargaining groups? If so, please let us know before our next meeting on Tuesday, 24 May.