TAFE Enterprise Bargaining update

TAFE enterprise bargaining update – 19 May 2016 (PDF version)

Teachers say no to unfair agreement

The results of the Teachers Enterprise Agreement ballot are in.

An overwhelming 91 percent of teachers voted No to TAFE’s Agreement, which proposed the slashing of conditions. The fact both the Agreements TAFE management have been negotiating have been overwhelmingly dismissed represents a complete failure by TAFE to listen to the concerns and wishes of its staff.

Discussions between the PSA (CPSU) and the Teachers Federation will now revolve around the possibility of taking joint action to progress our respective claims.

Meanwhile, negotiations between TAFE and the PSA (CPSU) in respect to the Administrative, Support and Related Employees Agreement continue, with a bargaining meeting scheduled for Friday, 20 May. At this meeting TAFE is expected to present a complete draft copy of the Enterprise Agreement for the PSA (CPSU) to consider.

Whilst we have had positive movement since PSA (CPSU) members went on strike on
28 April, TAFE will need to present an Agreement without the slashed conditions it has been proposing for the past 12 months if it wishes to avoid any further Protected Industrial Action.

TAFE attempts to target delegates

A small number of your union delegates have received a notice for the partial docking of their wages for not attending Institute Consultative Committees as per the partial work ban in place on attending these meetings. Despite these meetings being voluntary, and delegates doing their normal duties during the two hours the ICC would normally run, TAFE is attempting to target and intimidate your union delegates into submission by docking their wages. The PSA has written to TAFE to demand the withdrawal of these petty penalties and will challenge the attack in the Fair Work Commission if TAFE fails to withdraw. To read the letter click HERE.

The next time you run into your union delegate on campus, please ensure to shake their hand for continuing to stand up to TAFE’s intimidating tactics.

The campaign continues

Despite these attempted attacks, the campaign to defend your working conditions continues. The only way to join the campaign (and any further state-wide, joint Protected Industrial Action) is to be a member of the PSA (CPSU).  If you are not yet a member, join today at www.psa.asn.au to join the campaign to protect your working conditions.

If you are a member, ensure you distribute the attached bulletin to non-members and encourage their participation in the campaign. Every new member makes your union stronger and better placed to protect your valuable conditions.