AGL Macquarie – Industrial update

AGL Macquarie Industrial Update – May 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA attended a Tier 2 consultative meeting at Liddell on 10 May 2016 and a Steering Committee meeting at Lambton on 16 May 2016. These meetings provide an update to union officials on the general business matters of AGL Macquarie and provide an opportunity for delegates and officials to raise industrial issues.


Safety was again a topic of much discussion. Among the issues discussed were the ongoing problem of dust, and a persistent noise in the technicians’ workshop. The dust committee is drafting a dust-mitigation strategy; a further adjustment of the air dampers has provided a temporary fix to the workshop noise issue which will be more fully explored during the Unit 2 outage in June.

A committee has been established to review the drug-and-alcohol policy and procedures, with the possibility being explored of incorporating other issues to make a more general fitness-for-work policy.

JSEAs were the subject of much discussion with delegates reporting various problems with the system including unacceptable administrative burden and difficulties in obtaining sign off to allow simple tasks to be done. Gross inefficiencies are resulting. Members are encouraged to feedback to supervisors regarding any difficulties being experienced so that the system can be fine-tuned and improved. As yet no register of JSEAs has been created.

DCS project

The PSA was informed that a contractor has been chosen and that a number of related work projects are progressing. As involvement in these special projects ramp up, the unions raised concern the number of people being released from shift for these duties is placing an untenable burden on the remaining staff. If members are experiencing work overload issues, they are encouraged to raise them with their supervisor in the first instance and make their delegates aware of the issues.

Enterprise bargaining

Discussions are set to commence shortly on a new enterprise agreement. Accordingly the PSA encourages all members to consider who they would like to nominate as a representative to the bargaining committee. Nominations close 27 May 2016. Please send your nomination to


To discuss any workplace issues please contact one of your workplace delegates

Graeme McNeill      6542 1717

Grantly Gray              6542 1628

Greg Cooper               6542 0786

Shane Delforce          6542 0753

Or call the PSA member support centre on1300 772 679