Western Institute of TAFE Consultative Committee Meeting

Western Institute of TAFE Consultative Committee Meeting – April 2016 (PDF version)

The institute’s Consultative Committee meeting on 31 March 2016 was attended by PSA delegate Pat Nethery, Regional Organiser Belinda Pearce and Industrial Advocate Phoebe Dangerfield.

Management provided an update on EBS to the effect that phase 2 will commence on 23 May. There will be no changes to functionality. User Acceptance training starts April. Train the Trainer training will also occur and there will be presentations available for all staff. EBS support staff were recognised for their helpfulness and responsiveness.

A document in relation to support for HSRs was tabled. Please contact your PSA/CPSU delegate if you require further information in regard to this.

Management has suggested a student survey to seek customer feedback on Hub services.

Customer Service and Facilities staff have been to Condobolin to deal with maintenance issues there and reported that steps are also being taken to fill the CSO position at Forbes.

The Car Park test suggests that there are strong enrolments at Mudgee and retention of these students is now a priority.

PSA/CPSU Delegate Pat Nethery reported arrangements have been made with the Dubbo Security Firm to attend the site in the event of after-hours alarms. Staff will only be called out in an emergency and, if so, the applicable call-out allowance will be paid.

Management tabled the WIT Aboriginal Employment Strategy which has an ambitious target of 11 percent, of which TAFE Western is very proud. Please see your PSA/CPSU delegates if you want further information on this document.

PSA/CPSU will be chairing the ICC this year and Pat Nethery has agreed to step into the role.

If you wish to raise any items for future ICC agendas, please contact Pat Nethery or Leanne Riley on or .

Additionally, the PSA is entitled to four representatives on the ICC, if you are interested in taking up one of these positions, or would like to receive some information on the role of an ICC representative, please contact Belinda Pearce, Regional Organiser, on 0408 410 746.

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