Email broadcast to all TAFE members re PABO voting

Your PSA (CPSU) membership number is (insert member #)

Before PSA members can undertake any form of protected industrial action, the Fair Work Commission requires the PSA to undergo a ballot of its members (called a Protected Action Ballot). It is extremely important that all members vote in this ballot.

When will the ballot open?

The ballot will open on Thursday 24 March and will close Friday 1 April.

How to vote

On Thursday 24 March, all financial PSA members will receive an electronic ballot about taking protected industrial action as part of our campaign to win a fairer agreement. The PSA recommends members vote Yes to all questions.

How will I receive my ballot?

The vote will be conducted electronically. The Australian Election Company will send you an email and/or text message (depending what current details the member has provided to the PSA) on the morning the ballot opens.

What else do I need to vote?

You will need your PSA membership number to participate in the protected action ballot. Your PSA membership number is listed at the top of this email.

I didn’t get my electronic ballot, what do I do?

If you have not received your electronic ballot by Thursday 24 March call the Australian Election Company ballot agent Richard Kidd on 1800 224 420 or email

You can read the bulletin dated 18 March 2016 regarding the Protected Action Ballot HERE