South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE ICC Update

South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE ICC update – March 2016 (PDF version)

Your Delegate, Samir Younan, and PSA/CPSU Industrial Advocate, Jen Mitchell attended the most recent SWSI ICC meeting on 9 March. Below is an update in the issues raised at that meeting.

Lockdown procedure

A new procedure for handling lockdowns is being trialled. New speakers have been installed at all colleges, and staff should be aware the siren for lockdown is a different noise to other types of emergencies. A reminder has been declared you cannot use your mobile phones – except to switch it to silent – once lockdown has been declared. A video has been produced outlining the new procedure; please make sure that you have been given an opportunity to watch it.

Organisational review

Consultation on a new institute-wide structure began before Christmas. Management says the changes will have minimal impact on staff because they only apply at management level. PSA/CPSU is concerned there may be a flow-down impact for members in other areas. Until the restructures in TAFE Corporate are complete, nothing can be finalised. However, the institute will be handing down an interim plan next week.

Review of clerical support to teaching sections

Management has announced an engagement process will begin in Term 2, anticipating a restructure of clerical support will follow towards the end of the semester.

Work Health & Safety

The institute will soon be calling for nominations for WHS Committees and HSR officers at each of the colleges. This is a fantastic opportunity, and we encourage you to nominate if you are interested.

The issue of fire wardens was also discussed. We have been advised replacement wardens have not been appointed in some areas as staff have left. This is an obvious safety concern. Management has assured us it will look into this, and fill any vacancies. Please advise your union if this does not occur.


Apparently there is confusion over some processes, and who has permission to make certain changes in the system. Each faculty is interpreting instructions in their own way, leading to inconsistencies. This has the potential to increase workloads for professional staff who will be left to fix any mistakes.

To address this, Peter Roberts will be the single authority on workflows from now on. He has agreed to create a link on the website for staff. Any conflicting information from other sources should not be followed.