Women@Work December 2015 edition

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Women’s Council Committee elections – E Voting

The PSA Women’s Council Committee elections will soon be held.

To find out more about Women’s Council and Women’s Council Committee, click HERE

Recently, the PSA has trialled on-line voting in other elections. We would like to hear from women members about whether on-line voting should be extended to the elections for the Women’s Council Committee also.

Benefits of on-line voting

  • On-line voting has increased the overall participation rate in the elections where it has been used
  • It is convenient (you can vote from a computer at work, at home or even on your smart phone) anywhere, anytime
  • It is secure and automatically limits each member to one vote
  • It saves members’ money. Traditional paper based voting costs more per member (and is likely to increase in line with postage costs).
  • It saves staff time as no processing or manual counting is needed. This time can be put to better use assisting members.
  • Results are available almost immediately following the close of the ballot.

Have your say. Voting is open until Wednesday 27 January 2016.

Should the next PSA Women’s Council Committee elections be held by on-line vote? Click HERE to vote Yes or No.