University of Newcastle Research and Innovation Division restructure

University of Newcastle Research and Innovation Division restructure – December 2015 (PDF version)

Last week your PSA (CPSU) representatives were invited to a union consultation meeting to discuss a Change Proposal for Research and Innovation Division. The meeting was scheduled for 2 December with a staff briefing to immediately follow.

Despite the PSA making recommendations that the change process not be started so close to the end-of-year holiday period, the university decided to go ahead and advise affected staff on 1 December.

However, the University Executive Council intervened on Wednesday morning to request further discussion before releasing the organisational change proposal paper. This means staff from several units have been left in the extremely stressful situation of being informed they will be affected by a restructure, but not being provided any specific details on what is in store for them.

Members have asked:

Will they have a new duty statement?

Will they have a new line manager?

Will they have a job?

What are their options?

To support members the PSA (CPSU) requested a copy of the change proposal, with the consultation period being extended so staff have the time to properly consider the proposed changes. The PSA also requested a list of affected staff, so we can offer them any support. The university denied these requests.

The PSA (CPSU) has written to the university to express our extreme concern at the level of stress and anxiety caused by its handling of the proposed restructure. Your union reiterated our preference for staff to be informed immediately about how this proposal will affect them.

Are you affected?

If you have been affected by the Research and Innovation change process, please contact your delegates or organiser Margaret Fullick ().

You can also request a copy of the change proposal paper from HR Business partner Catherine Horan.