South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE – Facilities Services Review

SWSI TAFE bulletin – 11 December 2015 (PDF version)

SWSI has recently announced a “review” of Facilities Services. Over a period of 12 months it will examine processes, business improvements, operating models, areas of compliance, duties, functions and structures.

Whilst SWSI has every right to review Facilities Services, the PSA reminds all members that until such time as a formal change management plan has been distributed, consulted on with staff and your union, and signed off by the Minister, no changes to your role should be implemented.

This includes being asked to take on any extra duties.

The need for staff to do extra duties has come about directly by SWSI cutting jobs, and staff accepting extra duties simply allows management to continue to increase workloads, slash jobs and intimidate staff. It also allows SWSI to implement restructures by stealth whilst “reviewing” any area. Sometimes it is hard to say no, which is why being part of a collective union is vitally important. If you are asked to undertake duties you believe are outside your current position description, request to receive the direction in writing.

Once you have received a direction to do work outside your current duties in writing, contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 so we can investigate the matter.

It is natural for staff to feel that by doing extra duties they will be more likely to be looked after in any future formal restructure. Unfortunately, that has not been the experience for many hard working former staff members.

The PSA has already notified SWSI of a dispute over the planned deletion of four Facilities Coordinators positions before completing the self-announced 12-month facilities review. Until the dispute has been resolved, normal work shall continue.

Undergoing a “review” and not a member? Join today at to ensure your voice is heard and your workplace rights are protected.