TAFE NSW Administrative & Support Staff PSA(CPSU) enterprise bargaining update

TAFE NSW Administrative & Support Staff PSA(CPSU) enterprise bargaining update – 21 October 2015 (PDF version)

Your Bargaining Team met with TAFE NSW and the other unions on Thursday 15 October to recommence negotiations for a new agreement.

The PSA(CPSU) and the other unions requested TAFE NSW arrange for the 2.5% pay rise provided to the NSW public service to be passed on to Administrative Support and Related Employees as soon as possible. The Unions requested TAFE NSW get approval to include the 2.5% effective from July 2015.

Eighty-one percent of TAFE staff have sent a clear message to TAFE management and the NSW Government that you will not accept the undermining of your pay and conditions. TAFE should respect this and agree to the demands of the PSA(CPSU). This includes agreeing to pay the 2.5% backdated to 1 July 2015.

The union is committed to negotiate for the new enterprise agreement as soon as practicable to benefit members employed by TAFE NSW during the upheavals TAFE NSW is facing.

The TAFE NSW bargaining team asked the unions to put the request in writing to the Managing Director. The PSA(CPSU) is working with the other unions to jointly demand the 2015 pay rise be paid ASAP. You can find the unions’ letter HERE.

The unions asked for TAFE NSW to include the presentations on the TAFE NSW Enterprise Bargaining website to support their intention to be transparent and engaging with employees covered by this agreement. TAFE NSW refused this request.

The PSA(CPSU) also discussed the key principles and values that we require to finalise a new enterprise agreement. You can view our presentation HERE.

Also there is a presentation around the Unions’ request for the 2015 2.5% pay rise to be passed on, which you can find HERE.

What can you do?

The most important thing you can do is to ensure that everyone in your workplace has a voice.

Joining your union is the only way to have your voice heard in the continuing enterprise bargaining negotiations.

If you are already a member, increase the bargaining strength of the Union by asking your colleagues to join.

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Your bargaining representatives

PSA (CPSU) delegates

Leon Parissi               Christopher Hobbins

Glenda Pryor             Brad Cowie

Brook Down               Gary Hodgkinson

PSA (CPSU) staff

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