University of Newcastle Members Bulletin – Financial Services Restructure

University of Newcastle Member Bulletin re Financial Services Restructure 30 March 2015 (PDF version)

Thank you to everyone who attended last Wednesday’s members meeting and provided feedback on the University’s recent Consultation Paper regarding the proposed Financial Services restructure.

PSA(CPSU) have made a formal submission to HR to raise your concerns with Management. You can read a copy of this letter HERE.

The PSA(CPSU) and its members have identified the following issues in relation to this proposed restructure:

1. The 2 week consultation period is insufficient given complexity of change and lack of clarity on key issues.
2. We do not support the proposed loss of 20.7 FTE positions and the apparent intent to downgrade positions in Financial Services.
3. We are concerned that promotional and development opportunities for staff will be unavailable if HEW 9 and 5 positions are removed.
4. There has been a general lack of clarity and transparency in the restructure process to date. For this and recent Organisational Changes many questions remain unanswered, and staff have reported inconsistencies in the information that has been communicated. Of particular concern are uncertainties around:
a. which roles are “new” and which are unchanging;
b. how the “General Principles” stated on the consultation paper will be adhered to;
c. how the proposed structure will address workflow and operational processes;
d. whether ongoing staff will have the opportunity to work in the “transitional positions”- and how this interacts with their entitlements when the position ends;
e. what is meant by “Student Billing-Revenue” as a current position or function; and
f. how the proposed new structure will address potential failures in communication and process ownership.
5. Staff are unable to provide informed feedback on proposed changes to positions as the Position Descriptions have still not been finalised.
6. To date, we have not been provided with business case and financial modelling to support the change.
7. There is no evidence that risk assessments have been completed in relation to the impact of the proposed changes.
8. No consideration has been given in the Consultation Paper regarding the impact that the upcoming IT Division restructure will have on positions that will be transferred and the staff of the IT Division.
9. Apparent failure to adhere to grading principles – regrading from HEW 7 to 8 appears to be based on workload, rather than duties/skills.
10. The University must honour its commitment to use job-redesign as a tool to promote job security rather than simply deleting positions. “New” positions must be advertised and filled internally as a matter of preference, before any attempt can be made to advertise externally.
11. Entitlements provided under the enterprise agreement must be adhered to with respect to the right to redundancy payments.

Next step: PSA (CPSU) representatives will be meeting with Management on 31 March to ensure that your concerns are addressed.

We know that workplace changes are stressful. Rest assured, PSA (CPSU) will be with you through this every step of the way.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Organiser, Margaret Fullick:

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There will be a members’ meeting held tomorrow morning in Room EE108 from 9:30 to 10:30am prior to the briefing