Macquarie Enterprise Bargaining Update 5

Macquarie Enterprise Bargaining update 5 (PDF version)

Macquarie University in a rush

Late last year, the PSA/CPSU bargaining team put your Log of Claims to the University. Bargaining began in November 2014 and parties agreed to five scheduled bargaining meetings in 2015 on a fortnightly basis with the expectation of more.

No bargaining occurred during January, at the request of the University. Despite the PSA/CPSU desire to continue, no release was afforded to the PSA/CPSU Bargaining Team.

On 18 February, only the second bargaining meeting for 2015, the University requested an acceleration of the bargaining process: seven bargaining days with three preparation days with an option of two facilitated meetings over the period of 9 March to 26 March 2015.

Your delegates are extremely concerned that this will impact on their efforts to ensure your claims and conditions are secured.

The PSA/CPSU wrote a letter of concern and presented an achievable timetable of 2 meetings a week for the next 6 weeks.

As the new enterprise agreement will contain your working conditions for the next 3 – 4 years we believe that our proposed timetable would ensure good faith bargaining and that your conditions are given the proper consideration and examination.

Good faith bargaining is a requirement under the Fair Work Act.

Bargaining for the Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement took 16 months. In contrast, the University wants to fast-track the negotiations for Professional staff working conditions.

Why should the conditions of Professional Staff not be afforded the same consideration as academic staff?

Remember, the PSA/CPSU Bargaining team is made up of delegates who also need to perform their duties at Macquarie University. Any accelerated bargaining process when there are so many issues still to negotiate places a huge strain on the team. This can be extremely stressful and may lead to things being missed.

In order to keep bargaining progressing, the PSA/CPSU has reluctantly agreed to 7 days of bargaining in just 2 weeks. However the PSA/CPSU bargaining team is committed to securing the best outcomes for our members and will not continue the negotiations if proper consideration is not given to our issues. As always, we bargain as per the wishes of our members, and will take the time to consult with members before any agreement is made.

Matters discussed so far in bargaining include:

  • Indigenous and Equity & Diversity Matters both captured in the PSA/CPSU Equity and Diversity Claim
  • Disability Employment Strategy
  • Victims of Violence
  • Staff Amenities and Facilities
  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Contingent Employment – to provide security of employment for our members by strengthening the conversion clause.

For more information contact your Bargaining team.

If you are not a member, join today. Only members may vote on what the CPSU/PSA bargain for on behalf of ALL Professional Staff.

  Greg Stark
Ted Davies
Sondra Wibberley


Phoebe Dangerfield


Margaret Fullick