TAFE Bulletin re Defending Public Services Doorknocking Campaign – 12 February 2015

 TAFE Bulletin re doorknocking campaign update – 12 Feb 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA’s first doorknocking event took place last Saturday in the seat of Port Stephens.

The event brought PSA members from TAFE and ADHC together to spend a Saturday morning doorknocking the neighbourhoods of Raymond Terrace to raise awareness of the Baird Government’s aggressive privatisation agenda.

PSA members did not ask people to vote for one party over another, but rather that they “pledge” to consider the consequences of the privatisation of the Vocational Education and Training sector and the attacks on TAFE when they vote.

The day was a wonderful success with 167 members of the general public pledging to be mindful of the perils of privatisation when they vote on March 28.

To view photos please go to:  www.psa.asn.au/streets-campaign-photos/

The PSA campaign in TAFE helped lead to our recent victory in the Fair Work Commission regarding the capability framework.

Click here for a bulletin on the issue.

We are now working to establish institute based campaign action groups to drive the campaign into your workplace and local communities.

To get involved email:

In the meantime, the PSA asks that you assist in our campaign by attending one of the PSA’s doorknocking events.

We have picked three seats based on where we feel engagement with the community will make a real difference in voters’ considerations on March 28.

Even if you do not live in these seats, you are urged to come along and join the events in these crucial areas.

TAFE PSA members will be doorknocking on the following dates:

Strathfield    – 14th February and 14th March
Kiama   – 21st February and 21st March
Port Stephens  – 14th March

For further details, and to sign up go to: www.psa.asn.au/defending-public-services/

Alternatively, contact the following PSA staff for further details –

Strathfield Dylan Smith ()

KiamaTony Heathwood ()

Port StephensMarg Fullick ()