TAFE Classification consultation update

TAFE Classification Structure Consultation Update – September 2014 (PDF version)

In the last round of negotiations for your Enterprise Agreement, it was agreed that the CPSU/PSA & TAFE would make “every endeavour” to reach agreement on a new Classification Structure for TAFE Administrative, Support and Related Employees.

This is not an easy job, with similar systems taking years to develop. The union has other examples which we can draw on for inspiration and ideas. Any proposed system will be put to a vote of CPSU/PSA members for endorsement or rejection. It’s your choice.

Following an expression of interest held earlier this year, the CPSU/PSA has developed a Reference Group of CPSU/PSA members to help inform the process of developing a potential Classification Structure. Your delegates are meeting on 5 September and will also review the progress to date. These members are volunteering their time to look at the details of how “work value assessments” are made, and how the union could develop a new system to evaluate current & future jobs across TAFE.

This will take time to develop. The union is working hard to review what the options are, to respond to early draft suggestions and to make our own proposals. At this stage, the union expects it will be quite a few months before a clear proposal may be worth considering and worth putting out to members for feedback.

There is no guarantee that a new Classification Structure will be put in place, as any proposal needs to be agreed by your CPSU/PSA reps, and by CPSU/PSA members. The union is being very cautious about how we proceed, the union wants to ensure that any proposed classification system will benefit and enhance CPSU/PSA members’ careers & jobs.

If the proposed Classification Structure that is developed will not benefit and enhance CPSU/PSA members’ jobs, then we will not recommend the proposal to you. All members will be able to vote on any final proposal before the next round of enterprise bargaining negotiations.

The CPSU/PSA will update members as consultation progresses, once there is a clearly developed draft, the union will be consulting broadly with members for your feedback & input for further development & refinement.