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TAFE Staff News – June 2014 (PDF version)



As part of your Enterprise Agreement it was agreed by your union, the PSA/CPSU, to participate in a review of the many different job classifications covered by the Agreement.

The aim is to consolidate the 160 different classifications and/or grades into what may become a single stream or just 2 -3 streams.

Universities are broadly structured the same as TAFE with class support, clerical & administration, security and library staff. About 12-13 years ago the universities underwent a similar classification review process which resulted in a single stream of 10 levels which covered all the non-academic support staff.

A modern classification system should:

  • define position descriptions;
  • provide uniformity of similar jobs that TAFE staff do across each Institute;
  • be clear;
  • grade TAFE staff appropriately for your skills and experience;
  • describe your day to day duties; and
  • provide opportunities for career progression.

Meeting with TAFE management

On 13 June the PSA/CPSU met with TAFE management to begin the process of seeing if the parties can come to agreement on a new classification structure.

It was agreed to make use of an external facilitator in order to expedite the negotiations. It is hoped that the new classification structure will be agreed by the end of this year in time for inclusion in the next Enterprise Agreement.

Consultation with members

The PSA/CPSU will ensure that union members will have a say in whether or not to accept any proposed new classification structure. The union also commits to hold meetings with as many members as possible during the negotiation process to gain their input. Your delegates will be contributing directly to the negotiations.

Your involvement will ensure that if a new classification structure can be agreed that it will be fair, inclusive and without any loss of pay or conditions.

Watch this space for your chance to have a say as a union member.

Discuss this issue with your colleagues and encourage potential members to join so they too can be involved.

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