Macquarie Enterprise Bargaining Update 1

Macquarie Enterprise Bargaining Update 1 June 2014 (PDF version)

Enterprise Bargaining 2014

Your current Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement has a nominal expiry date of 30th September 2014.

This means that your pay and working conditions (including all leave entitlements, workload clauses and restructure processes) will soon be up for negotiation.

It is vitally important that all Macquarie University CPSU members involve themselves in this process. We need to know from you what you want to see in the new agreement.

If you are not a member, join today. Only members may vote on exactly what the CPSU bargain for ALL Professional Staff.

You can find your Enterprise Agreement on the Macquarie University section of the CPSU/PSA website.

The members of the Macquarie University CPSU have worked together over many years to bargain for the very best working conditions in the Higher Education sector.

Your support and input is critical to our success. As a Professional Staff member and member of the Macquarie University CPSU, you will influence the pay and conditions that Macquarie University Professional Staff will receive in the next three-four years.

The CPSU is calling a General Meeting to discuss the upcoming negotiations and provide an update on what has been happening in bargaining at other Universities.

When: Tuesday 24th June
Where: W5A – T2
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm

As you know, there are many good reasons to be a union member. Please explain to your non-union colleagues that being a member of the Macquarie University branch of the CPSU will give them a voice through influencing the agenda and outcomes of Enterprise Bargaining.


Throughout 2014, you will be asked to attend a meeting (listening) on campus to discuss the new Enterprise Agreement.

We would like all members to have some input into the new agreement. After all, this is the agreement you will be making with the university for the next few years. If you think the current agreement can be improved, you must let us know.

The feedback we receive from the Listenings will inform the development of our claims for Enterprise Bargaining.

The meeting will be for one hour during lunch.

The following three questions will guide each listening:

1. What are the three conditions of employment you value most working at the University?
2. How do you think you could be better recognised and rewarded for your work at your University?
3. What do you want your University to look like in five years?