UNSW PSA/CPSU Bargaining Report – March 2014

UNSW Bargaining Report March 2014 (PDF Version)

UNSW – PSA/CPSU Members Claims

The PSA/CPSU has consulted broadly with PSA/CPSU members across the University. The following is a summary of what members have reported is important to them, and which issues they wish to see improved or changed.

As always, PSA/CPSU Members will continue to have ongoing input into the negotiations conducted on their behalf, and will always have final say on what is agreed on each change as we progress, and when the draft Agreement is being finalised.

What is most important to keep felt by PSA/CPSU Members

  • 29% of members felt Leave conditions were most important things to keep, including annual leave, sick leave parental & carer’s leave, Long Service Leave and Study Leave.
  • 24% of members felt Pay was the most important thing to keep, including pay rises, superannuation, penalty rates and overtime and redundancy.
  • 27% of members felt the working experience to be most important things to keep, including flex time, workplace autonomy, flexible working hours, part time work, and professional development.

What is most wanted to be changed felt by PSA/CPSU members

  • 15% feel Flexible working arrangements & flex time is most important
  • 23% feel that annual leave caps be removed, forced annual leave removed including Christmas leave
  • 22% feel that leave generally should be improved, including sick leave, parental leave and carer’s leave
  • Other matters members reported were most important to change include; improve change management, improve redeployment, improved pay rises.

Just because members felt one or two issues were more important than others, does not mean they don’t care about those issues too!

Your Bargaining Team will report back to you on what happens each meeting, and will ask for your feedback & comments throughout the process. When decisions need to be made, your Bargaining Team will ask members to VOTE on changes before making an in principle agreement on your behalf.

Where there are any key issues that you feel strongly about, and which you would like to seek support from your fellow colleagues, please contact your Organiser!

Let us know what you think about these, if you agree with them or feel strongly about an issue that may not be included. Your Bargaining Team will do the best we can to be as inclusive of the diverse membership, so please let us know what you care about!

Email your comments / ideas to  

Members can contact the Members Support Centre for advice and support.
1300 PSA NSW – 1300 772 679

Authorised by Anne Gardiner, General Secretary, Public Service Association of NSW

Without Prejudice – Draft Initial Claims from PSA/CPSU Members

1. Keep conditions of employment, and have no reduction in conditions
2. Review Annual Leave caps and directions to take leave
3. No loss of annual leave without paid time off or payment in lieu
4. Improve access to flexible working hours & other flexible workplace arrangements
5. A range of minor improvements to sick leave, parental leave, carer’s leave and domestic violence leave
6. Guarantee Professional Staff election to UNSW Council
7. Improve workplace change processes
8. Improve union delegates rights to contribute in paid work time
9. Increase transparency around meal breaks, morning and afternoon breaks
10. Include wholly owned entities in the Professional Staff Agreement
11. Pay rises well above CPI, to be based on a clear, democratic decision of PSA/CPSU members during negotiations
12. Any other matter PSA/CPSU Members raise during the negotiations, or in response to other claims raised during negotiations

PSA/CPSU Members can raise any new issue during negotiations, and Members will be asked to vote to decide on any changes before your Bargaining Team gives in principle approval