Charles Sturt University CPSU Bargaining Report 9

Your Agreement – Nearly Finalised

CPSU/PSA – Your Professional Staff Union – is bound by our Union rules to represent the choices of members, and only those members who are affected.

We will be holding a members meeting in the coming weeks to go through the details of what has been negotiated for you. Members will be asked to endorse the changes proposed, and members will have every right to reject those changes and direct your Bargaining Team to return and re-negotiate on issues members feel is needed.

Please make sure you attend so you can contribute to deciding what working conditions you have for the next three years.

Matters discussed in the recent Enterprise Bargaining meeting were:

  • Academic workloads;
  • academic categories of employment;
  • the exclusion of senior executive staff from being covered by the Agreement;
  • Staff Development Fund;
  • Long Service Leave; Medical Retirement;
  • Domestic Violence Policy;
  • Dispute Resolution; and
  • Changes to Fixed Term Staff.

No major changes were made to most of these.

The staff development fund will be $200,000 per year and not impact on pay rises.

The Domestic Violence Policy will be introduced and is an excellent policy.

Uni’s Pay Offer for CSU Staff 2.5% per year for 3 years

CPSU members provided feedback indicating that they would like 4% per year, but were prepared to negotiate as job security and conditions were more important. It’s time for the final decision to be made and we need your input.


It’s now time for Professional Staff to vote on how much pay rise you would accept for your new Enterprise Agreement.

Please visit and indicate what you would be prepared to accept, and what you colleagues think would be ok. Your CPSU Bargaining Team will then present the results to management as your decision.



Professional Staff Autonomy and Self-Determination

CPSU CSU Bargaining Report Number 9 (pdf)