Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Parklea industrial action: MTC notified of 48-hour stoppage

As you would be aware, the union met with MTC this week to see if there was a resolution to the ongoing Enterprise Agreement negotiations. The Union tabled two offers last week and were hopeful that MTC would see some sense and choose to compensate workers for both their hard work and for the fact that members at PKA have not had a pay increase in almost a year.

Of course, this did not occur, with MTC rather than accepting either of your reasonable proposals, instead seeking an extended four-year deal with sub-par 2.5 per cent salary increases and a pitiful $750 sign-on bonus. As a result, the union has notified MTC of a second 48-hour strike, which will commence at 0600 on Friday 27 January 2023. This means that the night shift may leave at 0600, that nobody who is rostered for Friday or Saturday needs to turn up at work, and that work commences as per usual at 0600 on Sunday 29 January 2023.

The union will be on-site tomorrow after parade to discuss with this means for members. We are in the process of discussing what actions we will be taking over the two days. We will keep members informed, but if you have any good ideas then please feel free to get in touch.

The primary reason for choosing next week is that Thursday is a public holiday, which gives you the opportunity to earn PH rates prior to the stoppage. The stoppage itself has been organised to go over two pay periods, meaning that you will also not be slogged with a loss of two days’ pay in the same pay period.

MTC are refusing to budge and offer a half-decent wage increase that comes close to keeping up with the cost of living. They have demonstrated that they hold MTC employees at PKA with contempt. The only way to change that is by showing that we are serious about fighting for better wages and conditions.

Please remember that only financial union members can engage in protected industrial action, and so if you are not a member you will need to join the union prior to the stoppage next week.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Brian Kirk or Mark Ward. Alternatively, you can call Jess (Senior Industrial Officer) on 0401 521 561, or Kim Villanti (PKA Organiser) on 0408 249 277.