Wednesday, 7 December 2022


First things first: there is a lot going on at the moment, so the union will be on-site tomorrow from 9am to talk with members about the protected action ballot, what that means, and when the union will be taking protected industrial action. If you’re not going to be at work tomorrow but have questions about the protected action process, please call Jess on 0401 521 561 or Kim on 0408 249 277.

We know that this is potentially the first time that many members will be taking protected action, so there are a few important things that you need to be aware of:

  • Firstly, only union members can take protected industrial action. If you’re not a union member, you cannot lawfully participate in the 48-hour stoppage that we intend to notify MTC of. It is absolutely critical that you join the union by next week if you’re not already a member.
  • Secondly, we know that MTC are tremendously short-staffed, and that any action we take will have a massive impact on the running of the prison. However, it is still important that we have as many members as possible participate in the impending industrial action. This means not only being a union member, but not going to work when we call the strike. We will let everyone know tomorrow when we will be striking, so keep an out on communication from the union.
  • The reason that we’re striking is because we asked MTC for a higher wage increase and compensation for weekends worked, and MTC said no. The whole purpose of taking protected industrial action is to pressure MTC into paying you what you’re worth, and not the measly pay increase that they tabled when they put the EA out to a vote. If you don’t take action, then there is absolutely no incentive for them to offer more money than they already have.
  • Casuals are able to engage in protected action. If you’re a casual, then don’t accept any shifts on the days that we go on strike. You are as lawfully protected as full-time/permanent COs and are within your rights to get involved.
  • If you are a non-custodial member of staff and have been approached by management to discuss what might be expected of you when the union goes on strike, please contact Jess on 0401 521 561 or Kim on 0408 249 277 immediately.

Finally, it is important to remember that ‘nothing counts but pressure, pressure, more pressure, and still more pressure through broad organized aggressive mass action.’ Our strength lies in our collective solidarity. If you believe that you’re worth more than what has already been offered, it is critical that you join the union and stand up against the multinational corporation who has decided that you deserve the bare minimum and not a cent more.

If you know of anyone who is employed by MTC and who is not a member, please forward this bulletin to them and ask that they get in touch with the union if they have any questions.