Thursday, 18 August 2022

Clarence Protected Action Ballot

Two weeks ago, the results of the Enterprise Agreement ballot demonstrated an overwhelming rejection of Serco’s latest pay offer.

The CPSU NSW believes members at Clarence deserve a lot more than what is currently being put on the table. We also know Serco is unlikely to put more money on the table out of the goodness of its heart, and as a result we have lodged in the Fair Work Commission an application in support of a Protected Action Ballot.

This means that, once the Fair Work Commission approves the application, CPSU NSW members will be able to vote in favour of taking protected industrial action.

Once the application is approved, members will be able to vote electronically in relation to the protected action ballot.

It is important to remember that, whilst this can take the form in actions such as stoppages and overtime bans, there are a number of ways members can take action which will hit Serco in the hip pocket without financially disadvantaging union members.

The CPSU NSW will be back on-site next Wednesday from 10:00am onwards to talk about why taking protected action is important, and what this means for you.

Again, only union members can take protected industrial action, so now is the time to join the union. You can join online HERE. The importance of being a union member before the vote commences cannot be understated, and so if you want to take part in our collection action you will need to join the CPSU NSW.

In your line of work, you are faced with many challenges in a highly volatile environment. Being a Correctional Officer means that you constantly work in an unpredictable environment, where anything could happen. The role you play is so incredibly valuable, and it is only appropriate that you are remunerated accordingly. Join the fight for fair wages and better conditions at work.

If you want to talk to the union about what it means to take protected industrial action, or if you have any questions that you would like answered, then please send an email to , , or .