Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Have your say: Independent inquiry into floods

Last month the NSW Government established an independent inquiry to examine issues around the catastrophic floods that hit our state.

We know many of you have been on the frontline of this disaster through your work, whether in emergency services, infrastructure restoration or providing support to impacted communities and individuals.

This experience makes you as a workforce an important stakeholder and someone whose views this inquiry should place great weight upon. As your union, we want to provide you with that opportunity to be heard.

We are interested in hearing your stories and reflections on the flood event and its aftermath with a view to making a submission to the inquiry on your collective behalf.

We are primarily concerned with your experience in your job, such as what you and your workplace undertook, and particularly what could be done better and how. The inquiry is to report on and make recommendations regarding, among other matters, coordination and collaboration between all levels of government, a subject regularly of concern to many of our members.

As always, our underpinning position is that yet again the NSW Public Sector was what delivered for the people of our state and only resourcing restrictions prevent it from doing even better.

The most relevant terms of reference of the Inquiry for PSA/CPSU NSW members are:

  • preparation and planning by agencies for floods;
  • responses to floods,  particularly measures to protect life, property and the environment;
  • the recovery including housing, clean-up, financial support, community engagement and longer-term community rebuilding.

More details about the inquiry can be found HERE.

If you have information to share and are interested in providing input into our submission we ask that you email your story to by Friday 29 April 2022.  Someone from the PSA/CPSU NSW may then be in touch for further information by interview.

All information provided, whether included in the submission or not, will be kept confidential.