Friday, 27 March 2020


Firstly, yesterday we witnessed a great show of collective strength and solidarity by members in libraries across the state. We stood together, supported each other and maintained libraries needed to be kept closed to students for your own health and safety and that of the people you serve. You won a just cause, well done!

In response to the CPSU NSW letter HERE to TAFE Managing Director Steffen Faurby, Wednesday afternoon, both parties held a Skype conference on Thursday 2pm.

For the CPSU NSW this dispute has, in principle, always been about the health and safety of TAFENSW staff at work.  The union pressed the point to the TAFE Executive that it is an unacceptable WHS risk for TAFENSW to keep libraries open to students. In doing so TAFE is increasing exposure of COVID 19 not only staff but the wider TAFE community.

Further to keep libraries open to students is contrary to the Federal Government’s direction that all libraries are to be shut from midnight 26 March.

Meeting outcome

The outcome of the meeting between your union and TAFE Management was that TAFE was forced to concede that libraries needed to remain physically closed until further notice.

It’s amazing how much effort can go into getting employers to apply common sense (and the law)!

The negotiated outcome was that the library closures would remain and thereafter library teams will continue to support students and teachers in the online environment. To this end, a working group is being set up between TAFE, library managers and the union, to work through how to maintain service delivery to students remotely.

You may have already seen a communication to library staff this morning from General Manager of Student Services, Hugh Greenough, on this.

This is what the union can achieve when we stand together.

Join your union!

Members – please consider forwarding this bulletin to non-member colleagues, placing it in notice boards and distributing in your workplace.

Your CPSU NSW delegates

South Region

Brad Cowie – Wollongong

Regina Kimmich – Illawarra

Chris Pickering – Illawarra

Christopher Hobbins – Albury

West Region

Leanne Riley – Parkes

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North Region

Gale Iseppi – Hunter

Liz Garlick – Tighes Hill

Stephen O’Brien – Newcastle

Brook Down – Coffs Harbour

Walter Upson – North

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Dawn Davis – Ultimo

George Bissoli – Ultimo

Simon Gray – Ultimo

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