Tuesday, 17 December 2019


Northcott update Dec 2019 (pdf version)

Northcott restructure, attack on Team Leaders and Disability Support Workers

The CPSU NSW continues to fight the changes Northcott intend to implement to Team Leaders and DSW’s. We have notified the Fair Work Commission and Northcott of our intent to continue to fight the loss of conditions. Our solicitors and legal team are working on the best way forward.

We continue to be of the position that the changes to the Team Leader role are not allowable and the change of Position Description to DSW’s is an attack on the skills and specialisation of transferred staff.

As more information becomes available, we will endeavour to get it out to you.

Conditions of Employment – Transferred staff taken off the Copied State Award

We have continued to try and reach an outcome for transferred staff who have been moved from the Copied State Award to the Northcott EA. A proposed way forward was accepted on principal and we requested a timeframe to implement. Northcott requested further meetings.

We are currently discussing alternative ways to resolve this matter with our legal team.

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