Wednesday, 9 October 2019

TAFE restructure update

TAFE Restructure Update – Oct 2019 (PDF version)

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU NSW) recognises the forthcoming major restructure of TAFE NSW spells uncertain times for many.

In late August we wrote to TAFE about its plan for embarking on an organisational redesign to bring Facilities Management & Logistics, and Student Services roles in line with its so-called One TAFE vision.

The CPSU NSW stressed it was obvious to all that TAFE had made a definite decision on the fact that it will restructure the organisation and therefore needed to commit to engage with the CPSU NSW in early consultation (such as during the ‘Design Phase’) to enable us to mitigate any adverse effects TAFE’s proposed changes may have on our members.

TAFE heard the message and last month agreed to have TAFE representatives meet with the CPSU Delegate Council and CPSU NSW officials to furnish us with information relating to the restructure and to answer our questions.

What we know about the design phase

There are three areas currently in the design phase: some areas of ICT, Recruitment (P&S), Facilities management (Property and Logistics), Business Development International.

  • Consultation will begin before the end of the year, subject to ministerial approval.
  • The consultation time period will be sufficient for your union to assess, gather and submit feedback on the design.
  • Management can only provide the designs when it goes out to consultation, not before.
  • Designs will include new positions descriptions and organisational charts.
  • TAFE has agreed to share with the union organisational charts and position descriptions, and importantly where there are any disputes over amended PDs, TAFE has indicated it is open to reviewing said PD with the union to ensure it’s in line with agreed job evaluation methodology.
  • TAFE management has indicated to the CPSU NSW that the restructure is still awaiting ministerial sign off. Your union will be requesting TAFE management to update to impacted staff regarding the status of the restructure.