Tuesday, 3 October 2017

To all Parklea PSA members and Custodial staff

Parklea members bulletin – Oct 2017 (PDF version)

You would have noticed the significant amount of media last week by the PSA in regards to the serious incident that took place on Wednesday at Parklea.

I wish to firstly send my thoughts to the officer involved and secondly, let you all know that the publicity was not intended to be in any way critical of the staff but the managers who are putting you at risk.

I want to let you know that the PSA, POVB and the Executive including myself are behind and support you all.

None of us does an easy job however, I am sure at times your situation is worse due to safety issues under which you are required to work.

GEO’s operation of Parklea Correctional Centre has been disgraceful almost since day one.  They have looked to cut costs to maximise profits at every opportunity, and most particularly through having fewer staff and paying them less.

It is only through these incidents being in the public eye that we can expose this corporate culture of risk taking at the expense of yourselves and the community at large.

Our fundamental position is that Parklea Correctional Centre should one day again be operated and controlled by the public sector.

This does not mean we are advocating for any of you to lose your jobs. Rather, should that day come, we would argue you can easily be absorbed by Corrective Services NSW in your current roles, which we would then ensure are safer, more satisfying and better paid.

Your PSA delegate and the POVB are increasing their communication and this can only assist us in securing better outcomes for all Correctional Officers.


Nicole Jess
Chairperson POVB

Mobile: 0427 609 199