Wednesday, 20 September 2017

University of Technology Enterprise Bargaining update

University of Technology Enterprise Bargaining update – September 2017 (PDF version)

The CPSU NSW negotiating team met with UTS HR Management for Bargaining Meeting 6 on August 29, after the scheduled meeting on 23 August was cancelled (by UTS management) when the two unions arrived for negotiations.

Both unions have tabled half their clauses and are waiting on a response from UTS management. The academics and the CPSU NSW are both adamant regarding a Joint Consultative Committee clause. As we both tabled different JCC clauses, we were all ready to negotiate these into the one clause. Most universities in NSW have Consultative Committees and the Public Service of NSW does also. Management has continually said no to a JCC as it argues it already consults in various circumstances, with specific communications around things such as workplace change. The CPSU NSW argues a forum such as a JCC would cover all issues on campus that will affect all employees, not continually “putting out spot fires”. This would benefit all parties.

Bargaining Meeting 7 was held on 12 September. The university is proposing internships, filled by students become paid positions, with supervision, development plans and feedback. The CPSU NSW says these internships should be brought into the Enterprise Agreement with a clause constructed and pay rates listed in a Schedule. The university has agreed to work on the wording for this clause. UTS has also proposed:

  • Clause 33.5, Paid Parental Leave. A change to “Primary Carer” which will mean no medical evidence is needed to prove that the female parent is unable to care for the child. Can be either parent as primary carer.
  • Clause 34, Community Leave. NAIDOC week. Increase the days from 1 day to 5, even though the additional days could, in the present Agreement, be accessed through Personal Leave.
  • Clause 35, Domestic Violence Leave. UTS said it will get rid of the requirement for evidence documents, but will not increase the days from five days. The CPSU NSW pointed out the word “paid” is absent from this clause and UTS has agreed to put this into the Agreement.
  • The CPSU NSW is also waiting for a response regarding our new clause and an allowance (in the Schedule) for Health and Safety Representatives elected by their work colleagues.

The CPSU NSW still wants further work to be done in regard to misconduct. We would like clear definitions of misconduct and serious misconduct in the agreement.

Our next Enterprise Bargaining meeting will be held on Tuesday 3 October.

Please note, CPSU NSW members are also members of the Public Service Association of NSW. The PSA is the Associated Body for, and resources and manages, the CPSU NSW

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