Monday, 6 March 2017

PSA pushes for more flexibility

PSA pushes for more flexibility – 6 March 2017 (PDF Version)

The PSA will celebrate International Women’s Day with a demand for greater flexibility in the workforce.

In a letter HERE to Gladys Berejiklian, the second female premier in NSW’s history, PSA General Secretary Stewart Little said our union “seeks evidence that flexible work practices are being effectively and equitably implemented at an agency level”.

On International Women’s Day last year, then Premier Mike Baird made a commitment to make the NSW public sector, the state’s largest employer, a more flexible workplace and hence a better place for women to work.

The onus, according to this plan, would be for management to put up reasons why people could not work flexible hours, rather than have employees have to come up with a case of their own.

“With so many women still shouldering a larger share of caring duties at home, it is vital the NSW Government offers its employees as much flexibility as is possible,” says Acting Women’s Industrial Officer with the PSA, Anne Kennelly.

More workplace flexibility will also allow men to shoulder more responsibility at home.

“Giving men more flexibility in the workplace will also do more to redress the gender imbalance for caring work. Many men want flexible hours to do more at home, but too often are blocked by managers who see it as ‘women’s work’.”

This International Women’s Day, show your support for flexible working conditions with THIS poster.