Macquarie University update

Macquarie University update – July 2016 (PDF version)

Working extra hours?

A recent restructure at Macquarie allegedly showed “increased productivity and efficiencies” achieved by staff working additional hours without overtime or time off in lieu.

2 positions were subsequently deleted.

Members are reminded that overtime and time off in lieu provisions are captured in the Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement.

Clause 4.2.6 states “Hours in excess of ordinary hours on any day or over the fortnight will be paid at overtime rates”.

Ordinary hours of duty for full time staff are 70 hours per fortnight.

Don’t undermine your hard won conditions!

Talk to your colleagues and MQU delegates if you feel pressured to work extra hours and are not being paid overtime or taking flex days.

Annual General Meeting results

Your PSA (CPSU) Macquarie University Branch representatives for 2016/17 were endorsed at the recent AGM.

The new Branch committee aims to:

  • Get more members involved in their union
  • Have more PSA members in the union with expertise in looking after Professional Staff
  • Grow collective decision making.

Your PSA (CPSU) Branch will continue to support and represent member’s interests through engagement in the Macquarie University Consultative Committee (MUCC) and working parties, and keep abreast of sector wide issues by participating in the PSA (CPSU) Higher Education Representative Council (HERC).

Your Branch representatives are:

Secretary – Jennifer Martin

Delegate – Sondra Wibberley

Committee members:

Tom Kerr

Leigh Stanger

What can you do?

Encourage and assist a colleague to join your union, and we’ll say a collective thanks by giving you a $75 gift card!

Yet more reason to be Proud to be PSA.