TAFE NSW – PSA/CPSU members update

TAFE – PSA_CPSU members update (PDF version)

The PSA/CPSU has lodged a dispute with TAFE NSW regarding the introduction of what the Union believes are new classifications. This is in direct conflict with the discussions being had to develop a new Classification system.

These developments are in addition to the hundreds of job cuts being implemented across TAFE before the impact of the new budget constraints is experienced. The PSA/CPSU feels that the move to introduce new classifications without the agreement of the Union’s members is the one step too far.

Your TAFE Delegates Committee met recently, and unanimously voted to endorse the dispute with TAFE regarding the introduction of new classifications. They also endorsed unanimously the suspension of consultation of a new classification system while TAFE seeks to introduce new classifications unilaterally.

Your Union has been working hard to review and develop a classification system that supports the issues TAFE is facing. However, the Union is doing so on the basis that any new system must be of benefit to PSA members.

TAFE NSW is able to adapt & develop a wide range of jobs for what they need. TAFE can also negotiate with the Union new specific classifications that they may need. Instead of this, TAFE appears to have decided to impose new, merged classifications outside of negotiations with your Union. This cannot be accepted, which is why we are now in dispute.

The dispute limits TAFE from progressing with the affected restructures, which at this stage includes Sydney Institute and North Sydney Institute. Members are encouraged to review all proposals and let us know where you see new classifications that are clearly hybrids, or the merging of existing classifications.

Your PSA/CPSU representatives met on Tuesday 30 September 2014 with Pam Christie, the Managing Director of TAFE NSW. While TAFE rejected the claim they were introducing new classifications, as they were relying on choosing one of the existing classification pay points, they committed to review the documentation and respond in writing as soon as possible.

Members will be updated as the dispute is progressed and (hopefully) resolved with all new classifications withdrawn until agreed in the next Enterprise Agreement.