Friday, 10 May 2024

UOW – Vote Yes 2024

During negotiations for the new agreement the CPSU NSW, the professional staff union, was at the table to advocate and advance the interests of Professional Services Employees.

The next phase of the bargaining process is for all Professional Services Employees to vote on the agreement.

The CPSU NSW UOW membership have endorsed the proposed enterprise agreement and recommend that you


Because significant improvements have been won across the board for all professional services employees, including:


Total of 15.5 per cent across life of agreement consisting of:

  • lump sum equivalent to 2 per cent increase from 30/6/23
  • 2 per cent from 2/11/23 (already received)
  • 3 per cent from 24/11/23
  • 75 per cent from 21/6/24
  • 5 per cent from 22/11/24
  • 75 per cent from 30/6/25
  • 5 per cent from 21/11/25
  • 2 per cent from 19/6/26


New and strengthened clauses in the Enterprise Agreement that will benefit Professional Services Employees include, but are not limited to: 


  • Clause 40 is the new workload clause that establishes the Professional Services Workload Reference Group, a new committee, to review workload of professional staff. A representative from the CPSU NSW UOW branch will be on this committee.



  • Clause 50 is a new clause on workplace flexibility that strengthens a Professional Staff members ability to apply for flexible work options, including remote working. Flex time accrual has also been brought into the EA from policy and strengthened to ensure flex time is not forfeited.


Managing Change

  • Clause 54 was overhauled and is now an articulated, stepped process involving affected employees during all phases of proposed workplace changes, and acknowledging the importance of feedback & suggestions.


Right to Disconnect

  • Clause 39 is a new clause that provides Professional Services Employees with the right to not respond to communications outside work hours (unless on-call).



  • Clause 42 Shift roster notice has gone up from 1 week to 2 weeks to provide better clarity for shift workers.
  • Clause 43 – reinstating shift penalties to apply to the entire shift.

Fix Term Contracts

  • Clauses 25 – Strengthened rights for fixed term employees with clear definitions.


Purchased Leave Scheme

  • Clause 59 – Among the improvements to leave in the agreement is a new Purchased Leave scheme for Professional Services Employees- a condition that the CPSU NSW pushed for in this and the last agreement.


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