Life Without Barriers – Master Roster Change, Central Coast

The PSA understands that LWB plan to change the master roster due to funding constraints. The changes mean that full time roles will no longer exist for 8 houses and sleep overs will be introduced pursuant to clause 25.7 of the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010. At clause 25.7 the Award states:

25.7               Sleepovers

 (a)          A sleepover means when an employer requires an employee to sleep overnight at premises where the client for whom the employee is responsible is located (including respite care) and is not a 24 hour care shift pursuant to clause 25.8 or an excursion pursuant to clause 25.9.

 (b)         The provisions of 25.5 apply for a sleepover. An employee may refuse a sleepover in the circumstances contemplated in 25.5(d)(i) but only with reasonable cause.

 [25.7(c) substituted by PR737905 ppc 01Jul22]

 (c)          The span for a sleepover will be a continuous period of 8 hours. Employees will be provided with a separate room with a bed and clean linen, the use of appropriate facilities (including access to food preparation facilities and staff facilities where these exist) and free board and lodging for each night when the employee sleeps over.

 (d)         The employee will be entitled to a sleepover allowance of 4.9% of the standard rate for each night on which they sleep over.

 (e)          In the event of the employee on sleepover being required to perform work during the sleepover period, the employee will be paid for the time worked at the prescribed overtime rate with a minimum payment as for one hour worked. Where such work exceeds one hour, payment will be made at the prescribed overtime rate for the duration of the work.

 (f)           An employer may roster an employee to perform work immediately before and/or immediately after the sleepover period, but must roster the employee or pay the employee for at least four hours’ work for at least one of these periods of work. The payment prescribed by 25.7(d) will be in addition to the minimum payment prescribed by this subclause.

 (g)          The dispute resolution procedure in clause 9 of this Award applies to the sleepover provisions.

The affected 8 houses include:

  1. Gertrude Street, North Gosford
  2. Sun Valley Road, Green Point
  3. Tarlo Place, Woongarrah
  4. Peter Close, Tumbi Umbi
  5. Kiora Close, Norah Head
  6. Sylvan Valley Close, Niagara Park
  7. Kiera Lane, Alison, and
  8. St Albans Road, Warnervale,


Members who are full time employees are entitled to be redeployed within LWB, accept reduce hours of work, or receive a redundancy. LWB have confirmed that they will have one on one consultation with affected members and approximately 60 roles are affected. Consultation is due to begin next week.

Members are encouraged to provide feedback on the changes proposed by LWB through the union. LWB must genuinely consider all feedback presented to them. The Union’s feedback will be on behalf of members at large and no individual members will be identified.

Members who are directly affected can also seek support from the CPSU NSW.

The CPSU NSW can be contacted via the Member Service Centre via email at or by phone on 1800 772 104