Tuesday, 5 March 2024

Update for members: CPSU NSW meets with Aware over proposed restructure

The CPSU NSW met with Aware Super last week regarding the proposed new structure within the organisation. The areas of Member Engagement & Advice and Office of COO & Member Growth are affected by the restructure.

Within Member Engagement & Advice, major change will impact nine roles, 11 roles will be created, 16 secondments to other areas will end, and minor/operational changes will affect 50 employees. This is a reduction of four roles in total; one Level 5, and three Level 6 roles. Aware has also proposed the removal of direct reports to two for two Level 5 roles and the increase in direct reports to three for three Level 5 roles.

Within the Office of COO, major change will affect five staff members, there are to be four new roles created, and 10 staff members will be affected by minor/operation changes. Overall the reduction in head count is proposed to be five Level 5 roles.

Members are encouraged to provide feedback on the changes proposed by Aware through the union. Aware must genuinely consider all feedback presented to them. The union’s feedback will be on behalf of members at large and no individual members will be identified.

Members who are directly affected can also seek support from the CPSU NSW.

The CPSU NSW can be contacted via the Member Service Centre via email at or by phone on 1800 772 104.