Monday, 13 March 2023

Enterprise Bargaining updates: 1pm Thursday 16 March and 1pm Wednesday 22 March via Zoom

Please mark a placeholder in your calendar for 1pm this Thursday, 16 March and Wednesday 22 March.

We have an Enterprise Bargaining meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 14 March. Should the University amend the salary offer, we need to discuss prior to the next Enterprise Bargaining meeting on Tuesday 21 March.

Member Meeting 1

Thursday 16 March,  1:00pm

Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 817 0462 2497

This is an important time as we are nearing the end of the Enterprise Bargaining and need your input as what you would like to do regarding the Salary Offer and other matters.

A following EB meeting is scheduled for 21 March so there will be another update on Wednesday 22 March.

Member Meeting 2

Wednesday 22 March 1:00pm

Meeting ID: 837 2959 4600