Friday, 10 March 2023

University of Wollongong CPSU NSW Member Update

Your UOW CPSU NSW branch held a meeting of members to get feedback and input on the proposed annual shutdown clause and the initial pay offer from the University.

At the recent enterprise bargaining session the UOW CPSU NSW Bargaining Team put forward the options discussed with members including:

  • Increasing the flexibility of the types of leave that can be taken during the proposed period including banked flex and other leave instead of taking leave without pay.
  • Exploring the possibility of using purchased leave to cover the period.
  • Discussing the pay offer later in the negotiations depending on the other pieces of the puzzle falling into place

As a result of the negotiations the University will get back to the Union on:

  • The flexibility options discussed.
  • Explore a purchased leave scheme via a clause in the agreement. On this CPSU NSW provided a clause to the University as a starting point as per the UOW CPSU NSW Log of Claims members voted on last year.
  • The pay offer will be revisited as negotiations progress

On going Pay, Super, Flex and Increment Issues

CPSU NSW members are still reporting issues with Pay, Flex leave and the payment of Increments on the due date. Your union has raised these issues at the Professional Staff Joint Consultive Committee (JCC) where your CPSU delegates meet with University management to work through issues.

The University noted that it is fixing the problems in Unified however reports of the problems are widespread. All members should routinely check the following:

  • Check your increment due date and corresponding pay slips to see if it has been paid
  • Check your super contributions
  • Check your flex balances and ask pay roll to reconcile any issues

The next JCC is scheduled for April and the branch will follow up the issue with the University.

Next UOW CPSU NSW Enterprise Bargaining Forum for members

Our next forum is scheduled for

Monday 13 March 2023

12:30pm to 1:30pm

Details are

We will forward a meeting invitation to members with the meeting details too.

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