Monday, 6 March 2023

Life Without Barriers: Consultation on expiry of Award

The CPSU NSW continues to meet weekly with Life Without Barriers (LWB) to discuss the transitional from the Community Living Award (CLA) to the Social Community Home Care and Disability Services Award 2020 (the SCHADS Award)].

On 20 February 2023 staff received a letter confirming the transitional arrangements that will apply from 22 February 2023. LWB has agreed to preserve your leave balance and your base rate and salary.

On 16 March 2023 affected staff will receive their first pay slip under SCHADS. From this date staff who have a reduction in their take-home pay may seek a review. Please keep copies of your pay slips and rosters before and after the transition date.

The CPSU NSW will support members in a take-home pay order for any member who has had an actual reduction in their current pay due to the transition to SCHADS. This may depend on your shifts worked and the allowances, penalty rates or overtime paid.

Please contact the CPSU NSW if you believe you have had a reduction in your take-home pay. You will need to provide the reasons you think there has been a reduction in your pay. Please provide further details if you think the reduction is due to roster changes that have been made due to the transition to SCHADS.

Please refer to the latest bulletin to members HERE that explains how roster changes can affect your take-home pay.

CPSU NSW will continue do everything we can to protect and promote the employment interests of disability services staff in NSW.

For further information, contact the CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679 and ask to speak with one of our dedicated disability staff.

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