Wednesday, 30 November 2022

TAFE staff and entering marks into the EBS system

The CPSU NSW has been advised that EAS staff are being requested to undertake the entering of marks into the EBS system. This is not the duty of EAS staff, as it is a teacher’s responsibility.

The NSW Teachers Federation is currently undertaking a variety of protected action in relation to the current negotiation. The CPSU NSW supports the teachers in undertaking lawful action and will not allow our members to undertake work which will undermine the teachers action.

If you are asked to undertake training to enter a teacher’s marks into the EBS system, this does not automatically mean you’re expected to do the work and should refrain from doing so.

Members are advised to request any direction from your supervisor in writing and to contact the CPSU NSW on 1800 772 679.

TAFE NSW has been advised of the CPSU NSW’s position and know we stand together in solidarity with the NSW Teachers Federation and its members.