Monday, 24 October 2022

Aruma Enterprise Bargaining – CPSU Prepares for bargaining!

Last week, Aruma sent a copy of the Notice of Employee Representational Right (NERR) to all employees covered by the House with No Steps Community Services Enterprise Agreement 2013 (HWNS EA). This includes employees who transferred from FACS (ADHC). The NERR was sent out to all eligible employees. An eligible employee is someone who will be covered by the Enterprise Agreement (EA).

The CPSU NSW will be emailing and surveying union members before we sit down to commence bargaining with Aruma. The survey will help us to identify the most important issues for member and will form the basis of our log of claims. It is important that you take the time to fill out the survey.

The CPSU NSW is the bargaining representative for union members for negotiations with Aruma. If you want to have a say on the direction of the bargaining process then get involved with the CPSU NSW.
We will provide regular updates for members as further information comes to light.

Industrial Officer:
Sharny Chalmers

Vivetter Horrex

Shane Elliott


What you can do?
• Recruit you coworkers to the union
• Ask for an organiser to visit your group home
• Keep informed about what is happening
• Discuss union business with your workmates

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