Friday, 22 July 2022

Bargaining and BBQs

Whilst we have been quiet on the communication front until there has been something to announce, your union has been busily attempting to negotiate a solution with Serco in regard to your Enterprise Agreement.

We are pleased to advise you that Serco has finally formulated an offer that is worth your consideration.

Bearing in mind this would only be a one-year agreement that would provide some relief to the spiralling cost of living increases you are experiencing right now, Serco is offering:

  • A 2.5 per cent increase to hourly rates backdated to be effective 1 June 2022
  • A $1500 ‘retention payment’ upon the approval of the Agreement for full-time staff.  Part-time and casuals will be paid pro-rata, the latter based on the last six months of service
  • The creation of a CO3 position conditional of satisfactory performance and the completion of three Cert IV training modules. Eligible staff will be promoted automatically from September 2022.

By CPSU NSW calculations, this amounts to a salary increase of approximately 6.3 per cent over the next 12 months for most CCOs (2.5 per cent + 2.2 per cent in the retention payment + 1.6 per cent in the form of the CO3 classification).

The offer is not without its shortcomings and is far from perfect. We can however return to Enterprise Bargaining in April 2023 to address and improve your many other valid claims including allowances, leave and rostering practices.

The CPSU is hosting a BBQ for members in the car park at Clarence Correctional Centre on Wednesday 27 July from 6:00am where Delegates and industrial staff will be available to field your questions in regard to the EA proposal.

Glen Warner from Australian Mutual Bank will also be there to discuss the discounts CPSU NSW members receive from his organisation

We have advised Serco that your feedback regarding this offer will be forwarded to them after this event, so please if you are on shift that day come along and make your views known.

The CPSU NSW is proud to be a member-driven union. This means we don’t make decisions for you, but rather represent your position, so it is vital we are clear of what you want communicated.

If you cannot make the BBQ, please do not hesitate to send your feedback by email to any of your local Delegates Ryan Claus or Steve Nagle who can pass it on.

Hope to see many of you on Wednesday!

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