Monday, 27 August 2018

Macquarie University – Interest Based Bargaining update

Macquarie University – Interest Based Bargaining update – August 2018 (PDF version)

Recently we had a CPSU NSW meeting with members at Macquarie University to discuss the concept of Interest Based Bargaining (IBB). This meeting was well attended and members had the chance to ask questions and raise issues of concern.

The CPSU NSW has identified areas in the current Enterprise Agreement in which members would like to see changes made and preparations are underway to take these forward into bargaining.

Delegate Leigh Stanger and Industrial Officer Phoebe Dangerfield are attending IBB Training commencing 23 August and will continue to touch base with you regarding these proceedings.

Do you know of any issues that should be brought to the bargaining table/that need addressing from the Enterprise Agreement??

Feel free to contact your representatives:

Leigh Stanger – Delegate

Maryanne Stuart – Organiser:
0437 898 020

Phoebe Dangerfield – Industrial Officer


Managing Change –

Members have raised concerns regarding the process of consultation for affected members when a proposed change in the workplace is suggested.

Clause 4.13.14
Macquarie University Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement, 2015
Staff members will be entitled to request the advice or assistance of their Union at any stage of discussion of the workplace change

And Union Representation Rights-

Clause 2.5.1
The University recognises that Unions are the legitimate representative of those staff who are their members and will provide the following support for Union activities:
Union Meetings, Resources, Time Release, leave to Attend Trade Union courses, Secondment to Unions and Payroll Deduction of Union Dues.