Pulse Wollongong Enterprise Agreement member update

Pulse Wollongong Enterprise Agreement member update – January 2017 (PDF version)

Enterprise Agreement approved by the Fair Work Commission.

Last year you voted unanimously to accept the new Enterprise Agreement, as negotiated by your union, the CPSU (PSA).

We are happy to inform you that the Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Commission on 10 January 2017 and has an effective start date of 17 January 2017.

This means that the way is now clear for you to receive your January 2016 backdated three per cent pay rise, as well as your January 2017 three per cent pay rise.

We thank you for your patience during this process, and for the effort involved in bargaining.

You can find a copy of your approved Enterprise Agreement HERE.

It is important you continue to have a say and your voice is heard. You can support the work of the CPSU (PSA) and your local delegates by asking your colleagues to JOIN the CPSU (PSA).

Please forward this to your colleagues so that they know what their rights are, what you as members have won for them and encourage them to JOIN the CPSU (PSA).